My name is Alice. I like space, the ocean and all its creatures, birds, books, video games, and women.

Forever obsessions:
Gears of War
Mass Effect
Phoenix Wright
Kingdom Hearts

The point of this little blog is... well, I just like to find pictures of random things and beautiful women (few may be NSFW). All images will be credited! This is for fun, that's all.
Find your work here? Don't appreciate it? Just let me know and I'll take it down. (:


Midnight Star

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I hate calling off work

Especially when I just found out the number changed???

And now I don’t know who’s desk this number goes to?????????????

Totally scalded my mouth on chicken noodle soup but it was worth it

I’m tired of being sick

I don’t want to go to work

I want to stay home and play video games

I haven’t played video games for a while now

I want to. But then I load up a game and wonder why I should even bother

I want to read books. I want to write

But when I do these things, my head feels crushed. My temples pulse, the back of my head caves inward and I continue my sad existence of nothingness

I don’t want to go to work. I’m tired of dealing with brats. For a while I think the world will be okay with future generations, and then I go to work and realize high schoolers will be the downfall of mankind