My name is Alice. I like space, the ocean and all its creatures, birds, books, video games, and women.

Forever obsessions:
Gears of War
Mass Effect
Phoenix Wright
Kingdom Hearts

The point of this little blog is... well, I just like to find pictures of random things and beautiful women (few may be NSFW). All images will be credited! This is for fun, that's all.
Find your work here? Don't appreciate it? Just let me know and I'll take it down. (:


Midnight Star

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Michaelson: I suppose you're going to mutter something gruff and stride off through the mountain passes and into the pages of history.
Hoffman: Actually, I'm going to take a leak and then go round shaking folks' hands.
Michaelson: After you've washed yours, I trust.
Hoffman: [laughs] Don't make me miss you, you bastard.
--Colonel Victor Hoffman and Captain Quentin Michaelson's good bye after the disbandment of the COG; Coalition's End, pg 423
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